Sharad Purnima 2023 : When is Sharad Purnima Vrat, know when and how long is Lakshmi Pujan

Sharad Purnima 2023: Sharad Purnima has special significance. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit the earth. However, this time due to the lunar eclipse on the full moon, there is confusion about the full moon fast. Let’s know the date, muhurat, puja vidhi and all other information about Purnima Vrat.

Sharad Purnima 2023
Sharad Purnima 2023

Sharad Purnima is considered very important in religious scriptures. Because, on this day, Goddess Lakshmi was born. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi comes to earth. But, this time the lunar eclipse seems to be on the full moon day. In such a situation, there is confusion in the minds of people that when to keep 28 October or 29 October on Sharad Purnima, how long will the auspicious muhurat for fasting and worship of Mata Lakshmi last.

When is Sharad Purnima fast?

According to the Panchang, purnima tithi will start from 4.18 am on October 28. The full moon day will end at 1:54 pm on October 29. In such a situation, the fast of Purnima will be done on October 28. On Sharad Purnima, Gajkesari Yoga, Aditya Mangal Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga, Ravi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga are being made.

Auspicious time of Lakshmi Puja on Purnima

  • The muhurat of Shubh Chaughadiya will be held on October 28 from 7:54 am to 9:17 am.
  • After this, Labh Chaughadiya will be held on October 28 from 1.28 am to 2.52 pm.
  • After this, Amrit Chaughadiya will be held from 2.52 pm to 4.15 pm.

It will be auspicious to worship Lakshmi in all these muhurats. Those who are fasting on Purnima can worship in this muhurat.

Sharad Purnima Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Sharad Purnima, wake up in the morning in Brahma Muhurta, after which bow down to Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi, the guardians of the world.
  • On this day, if you can go to a river or canal and take a bath, then it will be better, otherwise you should take a bath by putting Ganga water in the water at home.
  • After this, wear clean clothes. After this, take a pledge of fasting by offering arghya to Lord Surya.
  • After this, sanctify the place of worship and lay yellow clothes and install the statue of Mata Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu on it. Anoint them both. After this, offer them clothes etc.
  • Offer red colored flowers to Mata Lakshmi and offer yellow colored flowers to Lord Vishnu. Recite Vishnu Chalisa and chant mantras during the puja. At the end, perform aarti and complete the puja. Donate according to your financial capacity the next day after the full moon is over.

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