Parenting and baby care has plenty of challenges. One day, you see yourself shopping for baby clothes in Malaysia, while the following week you are experiencing breastfeeding problems. One of the most difficult things you can do as a parent is to help your baby fall asleep. Don’t worry, though. This is something that gets better as the child gets older. 

Make sure that you have a plan for the following: 

  • Break out of craptacular naps.
  • Close the all evening restaurant.
  • Wean off your little one gently. Use a baby swaddle, swing or pacifier. 
  • Research on baby care, and focus on developmental, including separation anxiety, baby teething and sleep regressions
  • Give your infant child all of the tools needed for a sound sleep. 

Be a knowledgeable parent, and know all the things you need to know about baby sleep

Even before you take home your tiny wrinkly little one from the hospital, make sure that you already know the basics of soothing and feeding her. As per a lot of parenting books, the very first year of infancy is spend in a haze of teething, evening feedings, ear infections and sleep deprivation. At some point, you will get exhausted, but slowly, you will get through everything. 

A few weeks after birth, your baby’s sleep will be all over the map. By this time, you will understand the frustration and tiredness of many moms. Many newborns are extra fussy in the evening, around 7 pm to 10 pm. You can all these hours the witching hours, since these are the most exhausting ones. It will be a tough time not just for you, but also for other people around the house. Around 7 weeks, things would gradually get a lot easier. 

At around 2 to 6 months, your child will be able to consolidate their naps. This only means that instead of taking naps throughout the day, they will take on 45-minute to 1-hour naps.