• Monitis (Free)

This is a reliable website monitoring service that is free for everyone. Through this, people can monitor website availability from various locations, and check uptime using DNS, PING, HTTPS and HTTP. It also overs public checks on IP using SSH, IMCP, UDP and TCP. The failure alerts would be sent through SMS and email instantly. 

  • Service Uptime (paid and Free)

Service uptime offers 5 various web hosting plans, from Standard and Free to Advanced Professional and Custom. For free plans, you can get a free monitor checked regularly. 

  • Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot can check your website every five minutes. If it fails to ping back, then the program will send an email to you, telling you that your website is down. The best thing about it is that it’s 100% free, and allows 50 monitors every account. 

  • Host Tracker (Paid and Free)

Don’t confuse this with HostTracker, the Microsoft prototype software. HostTracker is an in-depth website monitoring tool. It has around 140 nodes, and several monitor points from around the world. Are you looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia, then this a good choice, with lots of websites coming from various locations. 

  • Monitor Scout

Monitor Scout can help track website availability from 15 various locations. This platform runs checks on mySQL, HTTPS, PINK, HTTP and more. It helps track the availiabity of websites from multiple locations.