Do you love shopping for baby carriers, baby bath accessories and baby clothes in Malaysia for your little one? Shopping for your kid is enjoyable and fun, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, and your own needs. Remember a healthy pregnancy equates to a healthy baby. 

Look out for some problems that may arise throughout your pregnancy. One of the issues that you may encounter? Sore nipples. Is this normal in the early weeks of pregnancy? Well, not all mothers experience this, but some may encounter a bit of this in the beginning. 

Transient soreness, or the usual nipple pain, that does not indicate problems:

  • The pain typically peaks 3 days after birth. This is gone in around two weeks.
  • There are no blisters, cracks, bleeding or any kind of skin damage. 
  • The nipple must look entirely the same before and after nursing. 
  • Latch-on pain that lasts not longer than 30 seconds into the nursing session. 

If you experience the following, consult an experienced breastfeeding expert.

  • Pain that extends passed two weeks.
  • There are bleeding, blisters, cracks and other signs of skin damage.
  • Excruciating, intense pain.
  • Pain that continues throughout the entire nursing session. 
  • Breastfeeding pain sessions. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, never let someone tell you that it’s fine. Prioritize your own health, and the health of your baby by consulting a health care professional as soon as possible. 

Below are the things you should watch out for, and investigate, in case you are experiencing nipple pains while breastfeeding:

  • Do you have skin cracks, bruising, bleeding and blisters? Find the cause of this damage, and follow helpful breastfeeding tips. 
  • Did you experience pain when your breast milk came in? If there is engorgement, it can be difficult for your little one to latch deeply. Express a bit of milk. This can help your baby get a much deeper latch that won’t hurt. 
  • Does your nipple look creased, pinched or flattened when the baby unlatches? Do you see a white line across your nipple once your baby unlatches? Consider this as a sign of a very shallow latch. One solution you can try? Adjust your latching techniques.

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