Malacca or Melaka, unlike Kuala Lumpur, is tame but I love the fact that you can see a lot of rich colonial history here. Aside from that, I also love the fact that there are plenty of cafes you can go to that not only serve some amazing local coffee but they also serve a lot of dishes that are inspired by other Asian countries, among others.

Now, despite this city being a bit smaller than Kuala Lumpur, there are some things that are quite expensive. However, you do not need a lot of money just to enjoy your time here. Heck, you can even get girl escorts at an affordable price!

Today, I am going through the different fab things to do in Melaka, especially for people who are on a tight budget.

A’Famosa Fort

Did you know that Melaka is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO? The reason being that this country has plenty of historical buildings that were established way back in the Portuguese colonization period a couple of centuries ago.

The cool thing about learning the history of the place is that you do not have to pay anything at all. You go to A’Famosa fort, for example, to find some Portuguese and Dutch buildings that were established in the past.

Aside from European structures, Melaka is also rich in Chinese and Indian cultures as well and it is quite evident in the handicrafts, as well as the food that you can find in the city.

Grab Something to Eat

I know that you are on a tight budget and eating foods in the city may not be the best option for you, or so you thought. You see, there are a lot of different cuisines that you definitely have to try when you are in Melaka.

Do not worry as they are quite inexpensive. You will be surprised that you can get really full on a $10 budget!

One interesting tidbit that I can tell you is that the foods here are usually influenced by the Chinese, Peranakans, Indians, and of course, the local Malays.

Interestingly enough, you can find cheap restaurants that serve such foods and you do not have to worry about the bill at all!

Let’s Drink to That

The city of Melaka is riddled with plenty of different cafes. I am a sucker for coffee and I usually try what’s on the menu. I suggest that you get your daily caffeine fix at the Navy Navy Café or the Backlane Café.

Take a Tuktuk

If you happen to go to the Dutch Square, you will find one of the trishaw rides or Tuk Tuks, as locals would say it.

I love the fact that they are modeled after popular cartoons such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Super Mario, and many others.

You can take a ride for as low as $2 and the driver can take you anywhere within the square so that you can explore the place without having to expend a lot of energy.

Experience Art

Now, when you think about art, you might think about museums and galleries and all that stuff. But in Melaka, you actually do not have to go to such a fancy place. All you have to do is go around the city to find a lot of different local artists painting the town red (and other colors).

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