As a smartphone user, you’re very well versed in how mobile applications work. They are, by far, the most stable type of application given that they have their own set of rules and they have a predefined set of functions.

For instance, Facebook’s app works best on mobile devices given that it was specifically coded to work with the company’s platform. Although you can absolutely use your desktop’s web browser or even your smartphone’s web browser for that matter, it still doesn’t provide the same smooth experience to that of its dedicated application.

That being said, developing web apps is still in its early stages since it was just introduced a few years ago. However, they are said to be the future of applications, so it would be best that we dive deeper into how it actually unfolds in time.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the challenges in web application development.

1. Offering a Simple Interface

5 Challenges in Web Application Development in 2018

Part of the problem with some developers is that they’re often preoccupied with including some amazing features on the web app that they tend to forget one of the most important aspects: the user-interface.

You see, there is no problem with regards to implementing a lot of great features but the problem lies when you overlook the design aspect.

If your application is slow to load or if it is outright clunky, then people would just move on to the next similar app and move on. Be sure to never overlook this if you happen to develop a web app in the future.

2. Impeccable User Experience

More and more mobile applications nowadays push for a more simplistic but intuitive experience. The reasons for this are manifold. First, the simpler the interface, the faster the application would load. Second, without too many things convoluting the screen, people will get to where they want to be in the soonest possible time.

This ties in with my previous point. It is very easy to overlook the aesthetics because of the technical aspects of web app development. However, this should be one of the things that you should look into all the time.

3. Which Framework Works Best?

Another area where web app development becomes a challenge is choosing the right framework to use. With so many options out there, it would be nearly impossible to start with a suitable one.

Well, for you to know exactly what you need to use, you just have to think first of the features that you want to be implemented in the app and start from there.

4. Not Looking into Optimal Performance

In this day and age, speed is everything. A slow performing app would be uninstalled without a hitch. Therefore, it is of importance that you look into your code and see if there are things that you can optimize to ensure that everything is working correctly.

5 Challenges in Web Application Development in 2018

5. Problems with Security

Apps nowadays need not only to have amazing features; it also has to be secure as well. Some web applications face some common problems such as buffer overflow, shell injection, session hijacking, among others. A web app developer should make it a point to implement the right security parameters to prevent these from happening.

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